ProTeX the PT Xperts

Since 2005, ProTeX has been a client valued provider of construction support services on a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial and governmental projects. These projects have primarily been in the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas but have included other locations in the State of Arizona as well. Services have included: foundation design recommendations for varied subsurface conditions including both swelling and collapsible soils, field/laboratory materials testing for project specification, confirmation/documentation, and to satisfy regulatory requirements and extensive trouble shooting/problem mitigation with the unexpected issues that often arise during construction.


ProTeX service offerings include geotechnical engineering; environmental studies; construction site material testing, inspection and documentation; laboratory testing; special inspections and engineering/design. Specifically:

  • Environmental Studies

    Our staff and engineers are experienced in corrective action project management, Phase 1ESA, Phase 2ESA, and Phase 3 Remedial Action Plans.

  • Geotechnical Engineering

    A engineering staff with work experience of over 100 years in providing Geotechnical engineering services, foundation, pavement, and constructability recommendations, slope stability analysis, Drainage review.

  • Material Testing

    Highly experienced field personnel are qualified in every manner of construction projects providing construction materials testing, sampling and testing of soils during earthwork, wet and dry utilities, concrete for sidewalks, curb & gutter, driveways, placement ABC, and asphaltic concrete (AC).

  • Special Inspections

    Staff and engineers with a wide range of experience and certifications dealing with special inspections – structural steel, welding, masonry, and concrete inspections and more.

  • Laboratory Services

    We have 3 full service labs, providing specialized testing in concrete, soils, asphaltic concrete and ABC. ProTeX is CCRL, and Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) certified.

  • Engineering/Design

    Pavement design , pavement rehabilitation, soils cement design, subgrade and foundation support recommendations.

  • Green Building Division

    “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” ProTeX believes that green building is quickly becoming the future for the industry. With our partnerships with EnergyStar and RESNET, ProTeX is working with builders and owners to create energy-efficient structures, viable neighborhoods and environment friendly communities – all at a low cost.

  • Market Sectors

    Various markets that include: residential, governmental, commercial, Native American, energy, and roadway/highway all over the Southwest.