Geotechnical Engineering

The ProTeX engineering staff has over 100 years of project experience involving residential, commercial, government, institutional and industrial projects.

  • Residential Projects – Recommendations for subdivision home foundations (individual custom lots up to 10,000+ lots), apartments and condominiums from 1 to 25 stories with and without basements (slabs-on-grade); local, collector and arterial pavement sections, percolation testing and evaluation for waste and storm water collection systems mitigation of expansive/collapsible soil conditions; corrective action for undocumented fill, dairy silage pits and similar unexpected site conditions; soil/bedrock lateral retention; site drainage and earthwork specifications. Also includes forensic investigations to assess the possible causes of building distress and define corrective action options.
  • Commercial Projects – Foundation/pavement/utility recommendations for single and clustered (shopping centers) retail, restaurants, office buildings, banks, lodging, telecommunications (monopole and guyed cell towers), multi-level parking garages, solar fields, office/warehouses and multi-use projects.
  • Government Projects – Foundation/pavement/utility recommendations for office buildings; courthouses; libraries; roads; bridges; multi-building clusters; wastewater treatment facilities; pump stations; conveyance lines; potable water treatment facilities; service, storage and maintenance buildings and parks/recreational facilities.
  • Institutional Projects – Foundation/pavement/utility recommendations for schools (elementary, middle, junior high, high school, community college and university), hospitals/clinics, airports, churches, bus garages and gaming facilities.
  • Industrial Projects – Foundation/pavement/utility recommendations for mining operations, paper mills, power generation and transmission facilities, dams, docks and harbors, quarries, forest products, waste disposal sites and manufacturing facilities.

Specific shallow foundation experience includes spread footings and mats/pads including partial to full compensation. Deep foundation support experience includes compressive, uplift, lateral and torque capacities for driven concrete filled steel pipe, precast/pre-stressed concrete, H-section, drilled shafts (straight and belled), micro-piles, pressure injected, timber, and helical piers. Ground improvement techniques that ProTeX is experienced with include excavation/replacement, intermediate depth impact piers, stone columns, dynamic impact plates, and surcharge/preload. Other geotechnical experience includes recommendations for retaining walls (rigid and flexible), temporary and permanent site dewatering, machine foundations, soil and rock slope stability, frost and freezing impacts on roads and foundations, erosion, control, building/structure settlement, underground utility construction, chemical attack on foundation and utility elements, wall supported excavations and the use of geo-synthetic materials.