Laboratory Services

ProTeX maintains full service testing laboratories in both Tempe and Tucson in order to meet client needs for test results on soil, aggregates, Portland cement concrete, grout, masonry and asphalt in the most timely manner and cost efficient manner. Soils and aggregates are most commonly tested in the laboratory for Proctor optimum moisture/maximum dry density, grain-size distribution, Atterberg Limits (Liquid (LL), Plastic (PL), Plasticity Index (PI)), Expansion Index and swell-collapse potential.

Chemical testing (both ProTeX labs subcontract these services) for pH, sulfate and chloride content can also be required. Portland cement concrete and grout is lab cured for a project specified number of days then tested for compressive strength with the results compared against project specifications. Asphaltic concrete is most often tested in the laboratory to determine asphalt (oil) content and aggregate gradation as these test results relate to conformance with project specifications. ProTeX laboratory accreditations include AMRL (AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Materials Reference Laboratory), CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory) and ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation).